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Travelling abroad – start getting ‘piccy’ with PiccyTraveller.

PiccyTraveller is a website designed to allow users one picture upload per 24 hours so that the PiccyTraveller community back at home – can be inspired by what daily snapshots are taken by you. As a user, you will have access to our upload screen whilst you travel and experience the world. This means that you can advise people on the best locations around town from your own days experience. With PiccyTraveller’s smart Geo-tracking, your followers at home will see the locations around the world that you have visited.

This could be an image of a backstreet restaurant in Rome – to an image of you on your first elephant pick up in Thailand!! You’ll be able to add a section of advice for others looking to visit that area, how to haggle to get the best price of a camel ride maybe, so that you’re not taken for a ride…so to speak. After this upload your friends and family will also be able to follow your personal trail around the world, seeing what your daily highlights are.

Remember – be ‘Piccy’ with your upload as you only get one picture per 24hours. This will allow you to have a new image in a new location as you explore the world we live in today.

Be inspired:

Gather some inspiration from other backpackers and holiday makers around the world as they go about taking photo’s daily to show you back at home what adventure path they are on. As you see new images each day you’ll be able to form an idea on where you’d like to go to have your own adventure based on the users daily uploads.

You can do a quick search for that users page and see where they have visited so far. If they recommend a spot by the Nile to watch the sunset – you’ll be able to read about it. They might recommend what time is best in September to get sitting ready for the display. All of these gem’s of information are right at your disposal and in real time so you know you can trust it. It’s like having 1000’s of travel agents giving advice on one place, based on one single image.

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