Rich and Steph

Invite You to Celebrate their Wedding

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Saturday, September 6th 2014
Eleven-Thirty AM St. Andrews Church, Weston under Lizard, TF11 8LB Then on to Lilleshall Hall, TF10 9AS

Our Story

bride and groom

Shortly after starting high school, Rich met Steph through a friend and knew instantly that she was very special.
After spending a lot of time together and generally doing as much as possible to make absolutely sure that there was no way that Steph would like him, Rich finally got his act together and along with friends went to visit Steph in Wheaton Aston at the weekend.
Although the day was far from ideal, by some miracle it obviously didn't go as badly as it appeared and Steph gave Rich the push in the right direction he needed to ask her out later that evening.

Score one for poor judgement on her part...

- Rich's Story

Steph would never have guessed that Rich liked her to start with. In that typical teenage boy way, his main tactic was teasing her…mainly by messing her hair up every time he saw her.

Luckily a few rumours got back to her and they eventually got their act together!

After over 11 years they have experienced a lot of highs, and also some challenges like a long distance relationship. But they are so happy to be settling down and taking the biggest steps of their lives this year.

- Steph's Story

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    Dom Carter assumes the role of one half of the best men. He and Rich have been best friends since primary school.
    Dom has a reputation as a bit of a party animal and you can be assured that there will never be a dull moment when he's around.
    He also has some "interesting" dance moves some of which are highly inappropriate for family functions but it is almost enevitable that you will all get to see them whether you want to or not at some point in the evening.

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    Shawn Hodson is the other half of the best men. He is Rich's oldest friend and remains one of the closest to this day.
    Shawn is a die-hard Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, if anybody is unsure of who they are, they are a lowly 2nd rate football team in the bellway homes division or something.
    The role of best man was bestowed upon Shawn many years ago on a boys trip to Blackpool when he refused to speak to Rich ever again unless he verbally agreed to allow him to take on the role.


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    Yvette Milford most of you will be familiar with, however for those of you who are not, Yvette is Steph's younger sister. She has a loud and bubbly personality which can be increased exponentially by the consumption of Jagerbombs, this can be evidenced by Matt and Ruth Boomers wedding. She has always been there for Steph and they know each other inside out.

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    Abbie Milford is Steph's youngest sister: now a fully functioning teenager you can expect loud noises, sporadic opera singing and unpredictable mood swings - she really is the life and soul of the party. That said, she is the most grown-up and level-headed teenager you'll ever meet.

Plan of the day...

11.30am Arrive at the Church
12.00pm Wedding Ceremony
1.30pm Champagne and Cakes
3.00pm Arrive at Lilleshall Hall
5.00pm Wedding Breakfast
7.30pm Evening Reception
8.00pm Cutting of the cake/First Dance


We fell in love with Lilleshall Hall as soon as we saw it, we hope you will love it too! It has lovely grounds which you will be able to enjoy, and it's a National Sport Centre so we plan on organising activities for the next day.
lilleshall hall


lilleshall hall accommodation lilleshall accommodation alternate

Many of you will be travelling from far and wide to attend, there is accommodation at Lilleshall Hall and we have reserved rooms already which are like the images shown above.
If you want to stay overnight please call Lilleshall Hall on 01952 603003 and tell them you would like to book a room and you are part of the Milford Knight wedding party. The rooms are reserved until 6 weeks before the wedding, please book as soon as possible.
The current price for a single room is £60.20 and £86.70 for a double. Both prices are including breakfast.

The Day After...


If you are staying over at Lilleshall Hall or the local area, we'd like you to enjoy the facilities and continue celebrating with us the next day.
The grounds are lovely to walk around, but also on the morning after the big day we are organising archery practice and a mini competition with trainers.
Cost depends on numbers, but it should be around £8 for 90 minutes. Please use voting buttons below.

If you are interested in taking part please respond using the form below. Please respond asap, 11th June latest.
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Will you be taking part?

Get Involved

We'd love you to let us know your favourite song for the evening reception.
With such varied music tastes it would be great to use them to create a playlist where there will be something there for everyone. Of course you will be able to request songs on the night as well.

I'd love you to play ...
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It goes without saying that the most important thing for us is that family and friends share and enjoy our special day and there is no better gift.
We can't wait to celebrate with you in September!
If you were wanting to give a wedding gift, we do not have a wedding gift list since we have lived together a couple of years so have accumulated most household items!
We are however planning on taking a long honeymoon and travelling over to South East Asia and on to New Zealand to visit my brother James, so any contributions to this once-in-a-lifetime trip would be our perfect wedding present.

If you would like to help us on our way then please contact us by clicking here and we will reply to you with instruction on how to do so.


Kindly respond by July 1st, 2014. We look forward to celebrating with you!
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